A TYPO3 plugin to display a list of languages to select from. Clicking on a language links to the corresponding version of the page.
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The following objects are available in the Fluid template:
- settings: an object providing all the properties of the plugin settings, plus the additional property showMenu: whether or not the menu should be rendered;
- options: an array, each element of which is an option of the menu.
Each option has the following properties:
- uid: the uid of the Website language;
- isoCodeA2: the ISO code of the language;
- countryIsoCodeA2: the ISO country code of the language variant;
- combinedIsoCode: the combination of isoCodeA2, lower case, and of countryIsoCodeA2, if present, uppercase, joined by an undescore;
- title: the language label;
- flagFile: the path to the flag file;
- isAvailable: whether or not a translation of the current page is available in the language;
- externalUrl: external url to be used in place of the current page id;
-isCurrent: whether or not the page is currently rendered in the language.
<f:if condition="{settings.showMenu}">
<f:if condition="{options->f:count()} > 0">
<f:render partial="{settings.layout}" arguments="{options: options, settings: settings}" />