Minimal plaintext password store
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Minimal plaintext password store

Early Alpha Screencast

Getting started

The sicuit website has everything you need.
If something is missing please open an issue so we can fix it together.

Visit the sicuit website

Development Status

You can already download alpha snapshot builds of sicuit on the website, all essential functionality is there.
Here is the list of not yet implemented features and known issues:

  • Copy to clipboard is not yet available
  • Unicode handling for the user interface input/output is not yet fully implemented
  • Helpful usage instructions inside the query interface are not yet available


The entire source code for sicuit is found in sicuit.c.

The importers and exporters are self-contained scripts for migrating password data in or out of a sicuit store. Code contributions in the form of additional migration scripts for other password managers will be met with open arms!

If you build sicuit on systems not yet documented below it would also be very cool if you provided your additions (required packages, possible caveats, etc.).

Building from source

First of you need GPGME, ICU, Meson and ncurses. All four can be obtained through the package manager on GNU/Linux systems if not already installed.

Additionally you need to download, build and install libeno from source.

When all dependencies are met open a terminal inside sicuit/ and execute these commands:

meson build
cd build
meson compile

After building you can optionally install sicuit to your system by running (inside build/):

meson install

Arch Linux

These are the required dependencies you can install from package manager on Arch Linux:

pacman -S gpgme icu meson ncurses

Ubuntu 20.04

These are the required dependencies you can install from package manager on Ubuntu 20.04:

sudo apt install build-essential libgpgme-dev libicu-dev libncurses-dev meson


Sicuit is licensed under the GPLv3+.