Minimal plaintext password store
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This project uses a FEATURE.PATCH (for instance 6.7) versioning scheme, where FEATURE increases with mostly visible changes (interface, configuration) and PATCH increases with mostly invisible changes (performance, security, stability). Until sicuit leaves beta (see sicuit -v), breaking changes might occur as part of FEATURE releases should a strong need arise.


  • Make the store migration introduced in 7.0 automatic (only ask confirmation)
  • Minor improvements in --help and man page content


  • Sicuit now natively supports stores with multiple owners, including a new --for OWNER flag to set owner key(s) when intitializing or editing the store.


  • Sicuit can now be used with any number of arbitrarily named and located store files through the use of an optional argument that overrides the store path.
  • A critical double resource free regression in --init was fixed


  • Transition to minimal, config-less storage convention
    • The encrypted secret file moves from ~/.sicuit/store.eno.gpg to ~/.sicuit.eno.gpg. *All else is now obsolete, therefore ~/.sicuit/config.eno and ~/.sicuit/ can be deleted.
  • More reliable temp file removal and resource cleanup on edit failure path
  • Introduce sicuit(1) man page
  • Add missing shortcut to --help


  • Allow peeking at secrets within the query interface
  • Display current position/total result numbers in top-right corner
  • Add navigation with home/end keys
  • Allow free cursor navigation, decoupled from paging state
  • Prevent garbled input from unused delete key
  • Expand --help instructions


  • Switch to a cleanly modeled, recursive query architecture
  • All text operations in the interface are now unicode-safe
  • Visually separate hierarchy indicators from hidden keys
  • Use new characterset to indicate hierarchy, truncation and obfuscation
  • Remove offset column at the left margin
  • Refine coloring/theme
  • Refine truncation at right margin


  • Query string input interaction is now unicode-proof
  • Query string now truncates with ellipsis instead of overflowing
  • Interface now uses the default terminal background color


  • Update interface on window resize events
  • Clip interface against right horizontal margin
  • Reuse GPGME context in consecutive crypt operations


  • Disregard accent, case and variant in store queries


  • Handle alternate backspace key codes in query input


  • Generate output for --version option at build time based on meson project version


  • Initial versioned release