Minimal plaintext password store
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Minimal plaintext password store


Installation and Usage


Development Outlook

Sicuit is functionally finished. With that said, there is still a plan and priorities from here on:

  • Polish and maximum stability for existing features
  • Possibly extra security related additions such as idle-timer based lockout
  • Possibly a separate wayland-based interface, loosely targeted for 2021
    • Minimal feature scope, identical to sicuit
    • Fully compatible with sicuit, i.e. both use the same data store
    • Integration with graphical Free Desktop environments
    • Wayland-native clipboard integration

Contribution Pointers

  • The most important contribution to make right now is simply to use sicuit and report issues when they occur
  • Spread the word about sicuit to your community and peers if you think it could be of use to them
  • If you have strong expertise in security, you can help out by auditing the code with respect to security
  • Similarly if you have TUI development experience, you can help by pointing out possible terminal compatibility issues
  • Additional migration scripts for other password managers will be met with open arms - see importers and exporters

Building from source

  1. Install GPGME, ICU, meson and ncurses from your package manager, if not already installed.

    # Arch Linux
    pacman -S gpgme icu meson ncurses
    # Ubuntu 20.04
    sudo apt install build-essential libgpgme-dev libicu-dev libncursesw5-dev meson
    # Other systems
    # Documentation contributions welcome!
  2. Build and install libeno from source

  3. Open a terminal inside sicuit/ and execute these commands:

    meson build
    cd build
    meson compile
  4. After building you can optionally install sicuit to your system by running (inside build/):

    meson install

Using CMake

Follow the build instructions for meson, with these differences:

  • Install cmake instead of meson

  • Replace the meson commands for building with these:

    mkdir build
    cd build
    cmake ..
  • There is no install target configured in the CMake build manifest yet


Sicuit is licensed under the GPLv3+.