Post a photo quickly to the Fediverse...part II
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Post a photo quickly to the Fediverse...part II

Open, Click, Shared!

This is a continuation of the FediPhoto project by PLA, who left us in January 2021. We'll do our best to honour his memory and his work.


You have many ways to download this app:

  • Download directly from Codeberg Releases page

Get it on Codeberg

Get it on APKRepo

  • On F-Droid [COMING SOON]

Get it on F-Droid

For the original FediPhoto application see HERE


  • connect FediPhoto-Lineage client with your fediverse account (mastodon, pleroma, friendica and pixelfed*).
    • multiple accounts are supported.
  • you'll be requested to concede this permissions
  • configure status settings-
    • multiple status configurations are supported.
  • tap on main screen to open camera, take picture and click on check mark icon (bottom right)
  • it's done!! FediPhoto-Lineage will publish your status and will receive a confirmation message afterwards



FediPhoto-Lineage Changelog


FediPhoto-Lineage Privacy Policy

FediPhoto-Lineage does NOT collect any personal data and/or information. It works locally on your device and information about your account is not shared or stored.

Original Author


Bug Reports & Contributions

Please open a issue with detailed information about the problem.

Contribute making feature requests and code contributions.

Contact translators for translation issues.


Translate FediPhoto-Lineage UI

  • Fork this repository
  • Add value-XX folder to app/src/main/res/ directory
    • where XX is Android's language ISO-639-1 code
  • Copy strings.xml from values folder into this new created folder for your language
  • Translate it and make a PR to this repository

Contributors (A-Z)