Keyoxidizer - Interactive Keyoxide helper
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#+TITLE:Keyoxidizer - Interactive Keyoxide helper


This is a simple utility designed to make working with Keyoxide easier. Keyoxidizer guides the user with prompts to gather their (name, email, etc.) and then handles all the details to generate the PGP key and exports it to OpenPGP key server. It will then guide the user in proving ownership their online accounts supported by Keyoxide. Keyoxide will also guide the user through viewing and modifying the proofs (notations) in their key. This is an unofficial helper around Keyoxide but it does not (and may never) support all Keyoxide features. The goal is to lower the barrier to entry so this will remain a single file utility and have no external dependencies aside from bash and gpg.


Option 1

Clone the repo. Run the script.

git clone
cd keyoxidizer

Option 2

Download the script and put it in a keyoxidizer folder (recommended) and open a terminal window in that location, change the file permission to make it executable and then run it:

chmod +x ./


  • Generate new key pairs
  • Load existing key
  • Add proofs for Supported Platforms
  • List proofs
  • Delete proofs (currently requires pasting a command and typing "save" see issue 1)

Supported Platforms

  • Domain/DNS (note: sometimes DNS records take some time to update)
  • Gitea
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Mastodon
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Hackernews



I absolutely welcome feedback in the form of PRs, whether it is improving my shell scripting or adding new functionality. A few guidelines to help me out:

  • each PR should be focused on a single aspect (add functionality / improve existing functionality)
  • draft PRs are encouraged so we can collaborate better
  • if you're refactoring please explain the changes so I can learn from it