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  1. This text file is so that I can list all of the articles that
  2. people have requested to be made, so that I don't forget about
  3. anyone's request. If you are interested in writing articles
  4. for the site and need help choosing something to review, this
  5. list is a good place to start.
  6. 1password — made a "stub" article:
  8. services (excite, myway) — no progress has been made
  9. Merge information from and
  10. to the steam article, also run it through MITMproxy to find what requests it makes. — no progress has been made
  11. Create a new class of articles about browser addons, the following explicitly:
  12. NoScript (allegedly phones home? needs a test to see if that's true or not...)
  13. Stylish (definite spyware)
  14. Ghostery
  15. No progress made on any of those ^
  16. uTorrent — stub article:
  17. Write about Razor mouse products:
  18. Useful links:
  21. For mitigation guides there's an easy way to run any program without letting it connect to the internet using scripts through iptables and there's always the --net=none option with firejail.
  22. I use 'ni' instead of 'no-internet'.
  23. No progress has been made ^
  24. Write about the oculus rift:
  27. No Progress ^
  28. Write about privacy badger:
  29. Write about lenovo bundling spyware:
  31. Write about HP bundling spyware:
  34. Write about Dell bundling spyware:
  37. Write about TOSHIBA bundling spyware:
  39. Write about Acer bundling spyware:
  41. Rate CPU's for spyware:
  44. Some progress made with that. See AMD CPU article. Still need to finish that.
  45. Write about visual studio — no progress
  46. write about geary — no progress
  47. Add this tag to the top of everything:
  48. <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
  49. Ublock Origin — No progress (phoning home? check privacy policy)
  50. > please add to overview browsers like Seamonkey, Srware Iron and Sphere
  51. > browser: <>
  52. Did Iron and Sphere
  53. Didn't do Seamonkey yet....
  54. Write about the Bromite Android Browser
  55. -I don't have an android phone. So someone else will have to write it, I don't have the means to do a reveiw of it.
  56. write articles about alternatives to Discord:
  57. Signal
  58. XMPP
  59. Mumble, etc.
  60. No progress has been made yet.
  61. Write an article about Facebook.
  62. Write an article about TikTok.
  63. Write an article about Web Browser.