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<title>Netsurf Spyware Mitigation Guide — Spyware Watchdog</title>
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<h1>Netsurf Spyware Mitigation Guide</h1>
This guide was tested using Netsurf 3.9.
<h2>Spyware Level: <span class="yellowgreen">Low</span><span class="green">Not Spyware</span></h2>
<h3>Mitigation Method 1:</h3>
<p>This method is rather simple, change the default search engine and the request to google will no longer happen, if you wish you can do this with the internet disconnected, that will prevent an initial request.</p>
<h3>Mitigation Method 2:</h3>
<p>This method is a little more involved, we use a source code patch to change the default search engine (and also remove non-privacy friendly options). Simply apply <a href="">this patch</a> to the source code and recompile.</p>
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