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<title>Iridium Browser Spyware Mitigation Guide — Spyware Watchdog</title>
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<h1>Iridium Browser Spyware Mitigation Guide</h1>
After configuring Iridium according to this guide it's rating changes like so:
<h3>Spyware Rating: <font color=yellowgreen>Low</font> => <font color=lime>Not Spyware</font></h3>
Iridium only has one spyware feature, so the only thing that needs to be removed is google safebrowsing.
You have to turn off your internet connection or otherwise stop Iridium from connecting to the internet
while you turn it off, so it doesn't make any requests before you opt-out. Then uncheck "protect you and
your device from dangerous sites" in the advanced settings menu.
<img class="screenshot" src="../images/iridium_disablesb.png" alt="disabling safebrowsing from the advanced settings menu">
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