This is the source code for the website of Serenum.
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24 lines
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require_once 'site-settings.php';
$version_live = file_get_contents('');
$version_current = file_get_contents('VERSION');
$content = '<h2>Check for updates</h2>';
$content .= '<p>Current version: '.$version_current.'<br>Latest version: '.$version_live.'</p>';
if($version_current < $version_live) {
$content .= '<p>A new update are available for download. You can download it from here: '.link_('', '').'</p>';
} elseif($version_current == $version_live) {
$content .= '<p>All files are up to date.</p>';
} else {
$content .= '<p>Somehow, your version are never.</p>';
die_content($config_title.', check for updates', $content);