a tiny replacement for electron-builder with the principles reversed
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usable status: mostly (you might have to patch your configs or do other workarounds, but the core functionality works)

a tiny replacement for electron-builder with the principles reversed: absolutely terrible for app developers, good for system package maintainers (signed, frustrated package maintainer).

notable differences:

  • does not package the app into distributable formats like deb or installers, only builds app resources
  • does not download electron builds (because of the above)
  • does not download electron headers for dependency rebuilding (use system-provided headers there's no rebuilding, DIY)
  • outputs generated .desktop entries into a directory target
  • there are no other targets than directory
  • the whole node_modules is packed, remove devDependencies yourself (yarn --production)
  • most probably won't even run on windows and macOS
  • not tested with cross-compiling (this might change)


copyright 2022 Lauren N. Liberda, usage allowed under the terms of Apache-2.0 license