generator and source files for the site
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# wiki
this wiki is an interconnected repository of the interdisciplinary research and development of compudanzas.
# about
the site is available in both the gemini protocol and the web
=> compudanzas (web)
=> gemini:// compudanzas (gemini)
it is hosted in el caracolito:
=> gemini:// caracolito (gemini)
=> caracolito (web)
like compudanzas, this wiki is always in construction, see the {roadmap} for what wants to happen.
it is heavily inspired by xxiivv and several sites in that webring
=> Webring
# static site generator
the source files are written in a gemtext-like format, ready to be used in the {gemini} protocol, and to be easily convertible to html.
the site is built to its corresponding formats with a custom engine composed of a shell script, awk scripts, and a python script.
=> compudanzas site generator and source files