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# roadmap
the things that want to happen
# documentation
## uxn tutorial
complete the {uxn tutorial}: publishing ~ one "day" per week
other to-do's:
* change hello sprites example in {uxn tutorial day 2} to match the sprite blending table in the official docs (ordering and inversion of square)
# performances
calls for {performances} where the project might fit in
## iclc
it'd be nice to apply to iclc 2021, as it talks about "live coding without computers"
=> iclc 2021
due date oct 4th, 12021
## moco 2022
=> moco 2022 call for papers
due date feb 4th, 12022
# coloring computers
implement the following concepts:
=> Factoring Via Graph Three Colouring
{coloring computers}
# wiki
## to do
create and add the following pages and resources:
* page: tabletop paper computers / {beans computing}
* page: 5!, or factorial dance, via {qiudanz technique} transformations
* page: poñg
* page: manifestos (e.g. human powered computation machines, abstracts)
* page: postcards computer
* page(s) : desfases?
complete, organize and clean the following:
* organize translations
* systematize classification in the {logiteca}
# and more
* develop a {computadora de papel} simulator?
* paper cards-based uxn implementation?
* uxn {verilog} implementation?
# recently done
* in {uxn tutorial}: changed notation of shorts in subroutine signatures: * for pointers, ^ for non-pointers
* applied to the fall phase of slomoco: {slomoco application}
* page(s) : {references} and inspiration
* develop a turing machine simulator? {turingsim}
* table of logic gates in {compuertas}
* {uxn tutorial day 2}: update the low nibble table for 2bpp to reflect changes in the ppu