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# collapse
how to live life when ecological and social collapse are coming in the short term?
# textos
que escribo para ir procesando, aprendiendo y compartiendo:
=> ./después_ahora.gmi {después ahora}
# notes
=> A Compass for the Politics of Collapse: A Short Straightforward Introduction - conjure utopia
## deep adaptation
deep adaptation agenda, the 4 Rs:
* resilience: how do we keep what we really want to keep?
* relinquishment: what do we need to let go of in order to not make matters worse?
* restoration: what can we bring back to help us with the coming difficulties and tragedies?
* reconciliation: with what and whom can we make peace with as we face our mutual mortality?
=> versions of the deep adaptation paper - jem bendell
=> Deep Adaptation opens up a necessary conversation about the breakdown of civilisation
## how to live like the world is ending
* act like we’re about to die.
* act like we might not die right away.
* act like we might have a chance to stop this.
* act like everything will be okay.
=> how to live the world is ending - margaret killjoy
## more references
see {references}