Searsia query suggestions and autocompletions
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Searsia Suggest


  • Get a file suggestions.txt with suggested queries (see below)
  • Build with: mvn package
  • Run with: java -jar target/searsiasuggest.jar -f suggestions.txt
  • Done.

Basic implementation of query autocompletions, related queries, and spelling correction. The tool needs a list of query suggestions at startup. Check out the provided poor-person's approach to collecting suggestion data, or the rich-person's approach to collecting lots of suggestion data. See also the provided example suggestion file.

Related queries and spelling correction can be included as any other external search engine. Autocompletions need some special configuration: The searsiaclient will show autocompletions for engines that return a value for "suggesttemplate". The autocompletions should use the format of OpenSearch suggestions, which searsiasuggest produces with the f=opensearch parameter. An example value for "suggesttemplate" is: