Information about me as well as past, present and future projects.
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Questions & Answers

(Not really a FAQ, because technically, these are not “frequently” asked questions. Some were never asked at all.)

If you have a question that you think I should answer in public, send me a note or even create a merge request for this file.

Why are you leaving GitHub?

Because despite a lot of protests from open source maintainers, GitHub still refuses to cancel their contract with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), i.e. the organization responsible for the inhumane detention and deportation of refugees and “illegal immigrants” in the United States.

I have always opposed that cooperation, but when reports of unsafe handling of COVID-19 in ICE facilities as well as unnecessary or even forced hysterectomies surfaced, this was the last straw for me. Even though I did not have a paid GitHub plan, I don’t want to be associated with them any more than necessary.

GitLab has similar policy issues.

After considering other services like Sourcehut (which is pretty nerdy, but comes with some elitism and gatekeeping issues) and self-hosting, several people suggested Codeberg, a German non-profit that provides a Gitea instance for free software projects.

Moving my repositories over is going to take a few days, as I’ll be doing it manually, updating the development status on some, renaming master to main on nearly all of them etc.

Some of my projects that are currently closed source will stay at GitHub for the time being. I also have no plans to delete my GitHub account, as I will continue to use it to interact with the projects of other persons.