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Tim Weber a4d10c178e
Only install Neovim binary if on x86_64
They don’t provide pre-built binaries for ARM … :(
1 week ago
.gitignore Ignore lots of stuff 10 months ago
4gcomposer Add script for Composer with 4GB of RAM 5 years ago
asciirec Add asciirec, a script for tmux recordings 3 years ago
borg Automatically install autoborg 5 years ago Update URL to point to Codeberg 1 year ago Add “automated tests” for my Vim config 7 months ago
edit Only install Neovim binary if on x86_64 1 week ago
git-aliases git-aliases: Elaborate on control characters 3 years ago
git-edit-ignore git-edit-ignore: POSIXify equality operator 5 years ago
import-pgp-key Fetch my OpenPGP key from GitHub 2 years ago
install-iosevka Add script to install Iosevka 3 months ago
install-wezterm Add script to install WezTerm via Flatpak 3 months ago
is-checksum Add `is-checksum` convenience script 2 months ago
multihash Add multihash 1 year ago
parsec Add `parsec` launch script 2 years ago
pdfcat Add pdfcat script (converts PDF to plain text) 1 year ago
pdfdiff pdfdiff: Move tr into the pdfcat function 1 year ago
pubkey Add bin/pubkey for showing public keys 5 years ago
scy-xorg-setup Ask GNOME to use a dark theme 3 months ago
terminal Add `terminal` script to start a good terminal 3 months ago
vlock-with-blank tmux: Turn off the screen when locked 2 years ago wsl-gpg-agent: Also export the “extra” socket 2 years ago
wsl-ssh.bat Make VS Code on Windows use WSL's ssh 2 years ago
wslmount Add `wslmount` script for easy (un)mounting 2 years ago
xcopy xcopy/xpaste: no error when grepping /proc/version 5 years ago
xpaste xcopy/xpaste: no error when grepping /proc/version 5 years ago