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# Set my name, but require me to set the email address manually for each
# repo. This should hopefully solve the cases where Im committing (and
# pushing) from the wrong address for days.
# See <> for rationale.
name = Tim Weber
useConfigOnly = true
signingKey = 144FEA6B3FF0F6EFD035963B38ACA93052B3EB9A
# Name the default branch "main", not "master". #BlackLivesMatter
defaultBranch = main
singlekey = true
# Automatically apply "squash!", "fixup!" etc. actions on rebase -i.
autoSquash = true
a = add
al = aliases # not a Git builtin; `aliases` is my `bin/git-alias`.
ap = add --patch
c = commit
ca = commit --all
cam = commit --amend
caam = commit --all --amend
cl = clone --recurse-submodules
co = checkout
cob = checkout -b
cop = checkout --patch
cS = commit --no-gpg-sign
d = diff
ds = diff --staged
f = fetch
ig = edit-ignore # not a Git builtin either
l = log
lp = log --patch
ls = log --stat
nx = annex
nxa = annex add
p = push
rb = rebase
rbc = rebase --continue
rbi = rebase --interactive
s = status
# Needs to be a shell alias (!git) in order to expand $HOME :(
sshpushes = !git config --file $HOME/.gitconfig-local url.ssh://
st = stash
stp = stash pop
u = pull
ur = pull --rebase --autostash
# Disable commit signing for a single repository.
nosign = config commit.gpgSign false
# Email addresses (private and business).
scy = config
tw = config
# `git pull` should use `rebase` instead of doing a merge commit.
# This only makes sense if nobody else is working on top of your history
# before you've pushed it to the same repo you're pulling from.
# `rebase = merges` would probably be an even better setting, but requires
# Git ≥ 2.18, which is too new for Debian stretch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
rebase = preserve
# Store HTTPS credentials unencrypted on disk, only protected by file system
# permissions. The rationale is: All disks I use to access private Git repos
# or to push somewhere should be encrypted anyway, and if the machine is
# compromised, all hope is lost anyway. This is the simplest and most cross-
# platform solution.
helper = store
# By default, sign all of my commits with GnuPG.
gpgSign = true
wsErrorHighlight = all
# When pushing to Codeberg, use SSH instead of HTTPS.
[url "ssh://"]
pushInsteadOf =
# Same for GitLab.
[url "ssh://"]
pushInsteadOf =
# Git-LFS filter definition.
[filter "lfs"]
required = true
clean = git-lfs clean -- %f
smudge = git-lfs smudge -- %f
process = git-lfs filter-process
# Use an additional, host-specific Git config (if it exists).
path = ~/.gitconfig-local