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The Chaos Guide

This is the source repository for the Chaos Guide.

The Guide is a static website, with source documents written in Markdown and rendered into HTML using mkdocs-material. We are somewhat prepared to become multi-lingual, but for now the Guide is in English only.

Setting up for development

If youd just like to change small things in the Guides content, you might get away with just editing the Markdown files in docs and not need a local development environment at all.

However, if youd like to preview how your changes actually look like on the site, you need Python (at least version 3.8) and a few libraries.

To set it up, first create a new virtual environment:

virtualenv .venv

Then, activate that virtual environment. If you work in multiple shells, you need to do this in each one of them. Also, when you log out or call deactivate, youll have left that virtual environment and will need to re-enable it to use it.

. .venv/bin/activate

Last step: Install the required libraries.

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Now, you can run a development server:


If you open http://localhost:8000/ in your browser, you should be able to see the generated website.


For now, deployment is manual and done by scy, using the script.

Questions & contributions

Check out for more information on how to contribute, or how to contact us.