A system to create a website from my notes and journal and stuff.
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This is the system that I use to create a website out of my notes and stuff.

There will be more documentation at some point.


This repository does not contain any of the actual notes and articles. These live elsewhere and are only symlinked in here using setup-symlinks.sh (see below).

The following repositories are currently used, and which sections they contain:


  1. Install Poetry.
  2. poetry install --no-root
  3. ./setup-symlinks.sh


To run the system with live reloading:

poetry run mkdocs serve

You can use -a localhost:8123 to set a different port.


To build for deployment:

poetry run mkdocs build

The output will be in dist/. You can use -d somewhere-else to change the output directory.


MIT. Note that this license only refers to this software repository, not the actual content of the documentation.