The schema for Sciveyor's SQL database
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Sciveyor SQL Schema

This repository contains a Sqitch project for building, migrating, and verifying the PostgreSQL database schema for Sciveyor. This SQL schema must be deployed to PostgreSQL 10 or higher, as we make extensive use of Postgres IDENTITY columns.

You can look at a user-friendly representation of this schema by visiting our SQL database documentation.

Deploying and Migrating

Edit sqitch.conf to create a new target for your deployment database. The easiest way to do this is by running:

sqitch target add flipr_test db:pg:flipr_test

If you want this target to become the default, edit sqitch.conf and set target = (your target) in the [engine "pg"] section. This is not recommended, however, as it will be too easy to accidentally clobber changes to your data (the default target is here set to a test database).

You then deploy your changes by running:

sqitch deploy <target>

This will deploy and automatically verify the deployment, based upon the current status of your database. To check the database's status, you can run, for instance:

sqitch status <target>

Full Schema

If you would like to read through the entire schema, as dumped from a current PostgreSQL instance, you can consult the structure.sql file. Note that this file is not read by Sqitch, and has nothing to do with the status or migrations of your server.


This database schema is released under the MIT license.