A Docker image to create an instance of a Sciveyor Solr server
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Upgrade to Solr 8.11.1, which entirely resolves Log4J problems.
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Sciveyor Solr Docker Image

This repository contains the code for building a Docker image of Solr that can be used with Sciveyor. It is also the host for the authoritative Solr configuration and schema.

To run this image, saving data to a local folder, you can execute:

$ mkdir solrdata
$ sudo chown 8983:8983 solrdata
$ sudo docker run -d -v "$PWD/solrdata:/var/solr" -p 8983:8983 --name my_solr \

You can also separate the mounting of the data store and the log and configuration files, by running:

$ sudo docker run -d \
  -v "$PWD/solrconfigs:/var/solr" \
  -v "$PWD/solrdata:/data" \
  -p 8983:8983 --name my_solr \
  -e SOLR_HOME="/data" \

After a moment, the Solr server will be available at http://localhost:8983.

Environment Variables

These (and other variables, see this file for details) can be modified when you start the Docker container, by adding -e VARIABLE=value to your docker run command.

  • SOLR_HEAP: The amount of memory that Solr's JVM will use while running. Note that this is not the memory consumed by the document index, which is loaded into unallocated system memory using mmap. You probably want to set this to around 25% of your Solr server's free RAM, though this is just a guideline.
  • SOLR_JAVA_MEM: Finer-grained control than the above value; set minimum and maximum heap sizes with "-Xms512m -Xmx512m".
  • SOLR_IP_WHITELIST: Useful for increasing the security of your server by allowing it only to connect to a specified whitelist of IP addresses. Comma-separated list.


I update this image whenever a new version of Solr has been released. For image version x.y.z.w, the Solr version bundled is x.y.z and w is the image version.


When you want to prepare a new release:

$ sudo docker build -t pencechp/sciveyor-solr:latest .
$ sudo docker image tag pencechp/sciveyor-solr:latest pencechp/sciveyor-solr:8.x.y.z
$ sudo docker push pencechp/sciveyor-solr:latest
$ sudo docker push pencechp/sciveyor-solr:8.x.y.z


As with Sciveyor itself, this Docker image is released under the MIT license.