My solution for the advent of code challenge 2021 written in Kotlin
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Welcome to the Advent of Code1 Kotlin project created by René Schaar using the Advent of Code Kotlin Template delivered by JetBrains.

In this repository, I am about to provide solutions for the puzzles using Kotlin language. This project is also my very first project using Kotlin language, therefore it is interesting to see my learning process from day to day.

The .gitignore file excludes all input files ( *.txt ) as the creator of advent of code requested in this tweet

If you're stuck with Kotlin-specific questions or anything related to this template, check out the following resources:

  1. Advent of Code – An annual event of Christmas-oriented programming challenges started December 2015. Every year since then, beginning on the first day of December, a programming puzzle is published every day for twenty-five days. You can solve the puzzle and provide an answer using the language of your choice.