Extra SAU scripts collection. Makefile for bulk-rendering to MP3 files. Currently, mainly various quick test scripts kept here instead of thrown away. https://sau.frama.io/examples.html
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Extra scripts and SAU audio rendering Makefile

The Makefile in this directory tests first-level subdirectories for any .sau files, and on make makes an .mp3 for each new or updated file using saugns and sox. Other output formats and file selections can also be used.

See https://sau.frama.io/ for saugns and the SAU language, and https://sox.sourceforge.net/ for SoX.


To render audio from SAU scripts, put them in a new or old subdirectory and run make. Parsing and reporting errors can be done with make check.

To change format for the resulting output files, to another supported in the Makefile, add e.g. FMT=flac (as in make FMT=flac) to "build" such files instead. The default format selection is mp3. Supported formats:

  • Au, .au.
  • FLAC, .flac.
  • MP3, .mp3. Uses LAME VBR compression level 3 (0 is highest quality).
  • Ogg Vorbis, .ogg. Uses quality level 5.8.
  • WAV, .wav.

The directories ran for can be changed from the default (all first-level subdirectories) by adding DIRS=path orDIRS="path1 path2 ...". Another option is to specify one or more filenames; for example, if you have some filename.sau in the main directory, then make filename.mp3 (or another Makefile-supported extension) will render only that particular script.

By default all scripts render at a 192000 Hz sample rate, then downsample to a final 48000 Hz (4x oversampling). The Makefile has options for this. To just change the final sample rate add e.g. SRATE=44100 for 44100 Hz.

To remove all files for a format in subdirectories, run make clean, or e.g. make clean FMT=flac. Removal is per-format just like adding.