Helm chart to install nextcloud in Kubernetes.
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Nextcloud Helm Charts



Though there is a official Helm-Chart available I decided to create this chart to install Nextcloud in Kubernetes.

The main reasons for a new chart is reduced complexity. This chart doesn't want to cover all eventualities and edge-cases. Probably it is still much too complex and the aim is to continue reduction of complexity.

In addition it fixes issues with the probes of the official chart.



This charts expects an existing secret (nextcloud.secretName) with the attributes username and password which are used as the nextcloud admin-user credentials. Another secret (postgresql.secretName) with username, password and database with values of the postgresql database is required, too.

Add Helm repository

helm repo add nettistanet https://nettistanet.codeberg.page/charts
helm repo update

Install the chart

Install the nextcloud Helm-Chart with a release name my-release:

helm install --name my-release nettistanet/nextcloud


To uninstall/delete the my-release deployment:

helm delete --purge my-release