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  • A curious and hardworking student developer with a passion for FOSS, side projects, designing and building applications, and sharing experiences.

    Currently, learning Laravel, testing, and ActivityPub. Currently coding on APdebug.

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Texts and page layout for the most common free licences in Free software and Free culture. They are put into shape to make their reading a nice experience, whether printed or as HTML.

Updated 1 day ago

Some dotfiles for Fedora 37 with KDE Plasma, and some configurations files of applications.

Updated 2 weeks ago

A little interface to see the progress on the maths exercises in all chapters and series during my Bachelor in CS. Exercises are done in Latex in Markdown files.

Updated 3 weeks ago

A minimalist but productive Todo-list app with offline support, fully tested, made in VueJS and other technologies to practice, learn and experiment. This is not meant for real use, just a for fun project.

Updated 4 months ago

Scripts and processes to setup a new Fedora 36 desktop computer with KDE Plasma, to have a working development machine with most things configured.

Updated 5 months ago

Linux setup kit. Abstractions to automate installation of a new Linux machine based on a single config file and a few scripts.

Updated 9 months ago

Sudoku resolver challenge. Let's find different ways to resolve a sudoku in a few seconds, then optimize and benchmark the diverse solutions.

Updated 9 months ago

Most of my notes in Markdown about development with the technologies I know and use. I try to document things as I read articles, learn some tips and take some courses. (Import in progress)

Updated 9 months ago

Resources to learn Linux and fixes for errors I've encountered.

Updated 10 months ago

A set of tools to debug ActivityPub requests. You can inspect requests, see the flow in real time, run arbitrary requests with HTTP signature handled for you, ...

Updated 12 months ago

My website to show current and old projects, thoughts, resources, ... currently in draft state.

Updated 1 year ago

A collaborative intranet for collectives to manage internal documentations, processes, courses, with various formats supported (text, images, embedded videos, ...).

Updated 1 year ago

testing commits signature with PGP

Updated 1 year ago