Samuel Roland samuelroland
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  • A curious and hardworking student developer with a passion for FOSS, side projects, designing and building applications, and sharing experiences.

    Currently, learning Laravel, testing, and ActivityPub. Currently coding on APdebug.

  • Joined on Nov 27, 2021

Scripts and processes to setup a new Fedora 36 desktop computer with KDE Plasma, to have a working development machine with most things configured.

Updated 3 days ago

Some dotfiles for Fedora 36 with KDE Plasma, and some configurations files of applications.

Updated 1 week ago

Linux setup kit. Abstractions to automate installation of a new Linux machine based on a single config file and a few scripts.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Sudoku resolver challenge. Let's find different ways to resolve a sudoku in a few seconds, then optimize and benchmark the diverse solutions.

Updated 1 month ago

Most of my notes in Markdown about development with the technologies I know and use. I try to document things as I read articles, learn some tips and take some courses. (Import in progress)

Updated 1 month ago

Resources to learn Linux and fixes for errors I've encountered.

Updated 2 months ago

Texts and page layout for the most common free licences in Free software and Free culture. They are put into shape to make their reading a nice experience, whether printed or as HTML.

Updated 2 months ago

A set of tools to debug ActivityPub requests. You can inspect requests, see the flow in real time, run arbitrary requests with HTTP signature handled for you, ...

Updated 3 months ago

My website to show current and old projects, thoughts, resources, ... currently in draft state.

Updated 5 months ago

A collaborative intranet for collectives to manage internal documentations, processes, courses, with various formats supported (text, images, embedded videos, ...).

Updated 6 months ago

testing commits signature with PGP

Updated 7 months ago