News comments analyzer
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STATUS: Under construction


Anepokis is a news comments analyzer. This repository contains the source code of the web client. The server and the CLI client are closed source.


  • find similar comments
  • find replies
  • detect spam comments
  • detect the language of the comment
  • release binaries of the server
  • release binaries of the CLI client
  • use modern single-page framework for the web client


Categorize the sites by the average:

  • count of comments
  • emotion of the comments
  • usage of certain language/alphabet
  • count of spam comments
  • count of deleted comments
  • count of votes
  • length of the comments
  • time of posting news articles
  • count of anonymous comment authors

Categorize the comments by the:

  • emotion
  • votes
  • time/date
  • length
  • author
  • topic
  • language/alphabet
  • posibility to be spam
  • count of replies
  • usage of specific words
  • the capitalisation of the text