a radical and experimental distribution based on musl libc and busybox http://sabo.xyz
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cp $K/extlinux.conf $R/boot/
cp $K/runsvdir-start $R/bin/
cp -r $K/etc/* $R/etc/
chmod 0600 $R/etc/shadow
for s in $R/etc/service/*; do
ln -s /etc/service/${s##*/} ${s/etc/var}
mkdir -p $R/tmp/src
cp -r $K $R/tmp/src/KEEP
cp -r $H $R/tmp/src/sabotage
cp $K/config.stage1 $R/tmp/src/sabotage/config
cp -r $S/*.tar.* $S/musl $R/tmp/src
cp /etc/resolv.conf $R/etc
ln -s /proc/mounts $R/etc/mtab