a radical and experimental distribution based on musl libc and busybox http://sabo.xyz
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# stage1
9base: musl kernel
binutils: gcc4
bsdtar: xz
busybox: musl kernel
curl: openssl
e2fsprogs: pkg-config
extlinux: perl
gcc4: m4 gawk sed gmp mpfr mpc
git: curl
gmp: m4
kernel: binutils make sed perl gcc4 xz
make: gcc4
mpc: mpfr
mpfr: gmp
musl: gcc4 binutils make
openssl: perl
perl: musl
pkg-config: musl
zlib: gcc4
# enforce some coarse ordering to early replace stage0
stage1: gcc4 musl busybox
# pkg (should assume stage1 is completely built)
automake: autoconf
less: ncurses
lynx: ncurses
vim: ncurses
# xorg (should assume pkg is built)
bigreqsproto: util-macros
compositeproto: util-macros
fontsproto: util-macros
fontconfig: freetype
inputproto: util-macros
libsm: libice
libx11: util-macros libxcb xproto xextproto xtrans kbproto inputproto
libxaw: libxext libxmu libxpm
libxau: xproto
libxcb: xcb-proto libpthread-stubs libxau
libxext: xproto libx11 xextproto
libxfont: util-macros freetype libfontenc xproto fontsproto xtrans
libxft: fontconfig libxrender
libxi: libxext inputproto
libxkbfile: libx11
libxmu: libxext libxt
libxrender: renderproto
libxt: libsm libice
randrproto: util-macros
recordproto: util-macros
renderproto: util-macros
resourceproto: util-macros
scrnsaverproto: util-macros
st: libx11 libxdmcp
videoproto: util-macros
xclock: libx11 libxrender libxft libxdmcp
xlogo: libx11 libxft libxdmcp
xorg-server: util-macros pixman fixesproto damageproto xcmiscproto \
xtrans bigreqsproto xproto randrproto renderproto kbproto fontsproto \
videoproto compositeproto recordproto scrnsaverproto resourceproto \
xineramaproto libxkbfile libxfont libxau
xterm: libx11 libxaw libxft