a radical and experimental distribution based on musl libc and busybox http://sabo.xyz
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Christian Neukirchen f658fda7bd
Release 2011-04-13
11 years ago
KEEP More openssh tweaking 11 years ago
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stage1 Add bsdtar (as native tar/cpio) and xz 11 years ago
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THANKS Release 2011-04-13 11 years ago
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This is sabotage, an experimental distribution based on musl libc and busybox.

- Only tested on x86_64, i386 shouldn't be hard to port.
- ~4G disk space
- root access
- usual GCC 4 toolchain
- git
- a bootloader of your choice (extlinux is favored)
- lots of time and a fair bit of Linux knowledge

This system has been built on up-to-date Gentoo and Arch systems.

Build instructions: Caveat emptor, this is all pre-alpha!

% cp KEEP/config.stage0 config
% vi config
$K directory with patches
$S where sources are compiled (stage0: ~700MB, stage1: ~2.1GB)
$R root file system

% . ./config # required!

% ./build-stage0 # build toolchain (~15min on a modern machine)
% ./enter-chroot # enter $R chrooted, needs root password
# cd /tmp/src/sabotage # absolute path required!
# mk stage1 # rebuild stuff, build kernel (~1h)
copy $R to a ext4 file-system
# extlinux -i $R/boot

# mk pkg # additional additional stuff

See "mk help" for further options.

The build is parallel-safe (MAKEFLAGS=-jN), but all packages are build

The default root password is "sabotage".