a radical and experimental distribution based on musl libc and busybox http://sabo.xyz
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rofl0r ce1b6f880f butch: add new command packapp 8 months ago
battery battery: support modern kernels too 4 years ago
butch butch: add new command packapp 8 months ago
butch-builddeps add butch-builddeps 7 years ago
butch-checkdownloads Adding 'butch checkdownloads', removing old utils. 7 years ago
butch-checksum butch-checksum: source config even if called without butch wrapper 2 years ago
butch-checktarballs butch-checktarballs: Adding exit code. 7 years ago
butch-core butch: add new command packapp 8 months ago
butch-core-helper butch-core: implement new pkgver scheme for updating and (un)pack 6 years ago
butch-deps butch: add new feature allowing "alternative" package providers 2 years ago
butch-descsearch butch: add descsearch command 6 years ago
butch-dlinfo butch-dlinfo: print pkgver stub as well 6 years ago
butch-files butch: add files command 9 years ago
butch-genfilelist butch-genfilelist: allow usage with arbitrary dir 5 years ago
butch-install-service butch-install-service: improve usage documentation 2 years ago
butch-list butch wrapper: add several aliases and helper funcs 9 years ago
butch-merge butch: make resilient against grep failure 2 years ago
butch-mirrors add butch-mirrors command 8 years ago
butch-owner butch-owner: Adding proper exit codes on errors. 7 years ago
butch-pack butch-pack: send error messages to stderr 8 months ago
butch-packapp butch: add new command packapp 8 months ago
butch-printsec butch printsec: add %include (recipe)% preprocessor directive 3 years ago
butch-relocate butch-relocate: reapply the fix for libfm in a safer way 6 years ago
butch-relocate-one butch-relocate-one: try harder to find awk 6 years ago
butch-reproduce butch-reproduce: don't try to copy file attributes 5 years ago
butch-rm butch: typo fix. 3 years ago
butch-search butch-search: Rewritten to pass along grep's exit status. 7 years ago
butch-ucheck butch-ucheck: defeat also %2B delivered by GNU servers 6 years ago
butch-unlink butch-unlink: fix handling of x-compile filelists dir 8 years ago
butch-unpack butch pack/unpack: improve --help output 8 months ago
butch-unused butch-unused: speed up by making butch users search only installed pkgs 4 years ago
butch-users butch-users: don't fail when a pkg recipe was removed 2 years ago
cryptmount cryptmount: fix bashisms insofar as being compatible with dash as /bin/sh 2 years ago
dhclient dhclient: stay in foreground, terminate after lease retrieval 3 years ago
la la: fix quoting 8 years ago
lat lat: fix typo 4 years ago
runsvdir-start Revert "runsvdir-start: Copy in at setup-rootfs.sh, instead." 3 years ago
zzz zzz: retry suspending if we wake up immediately 4 years ago