A small suite of scripts and patches for building musl libc cross compilers.
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Gregor Richards a4777a6dc5 Swapping 4.7.3 for 4.7.4, 4.8.4 for 4.8.5. 4.7.4 is musl-gcc-patches 7f88e688bfc7. 4.8.5 is e2147f5aafcd. 5 years ago
build-gcc-deps.sh Switch from (nonworking) elfutils to the cleaned up libelf-compat. 9 years ago
build-gdb.sh Adding a script to build a targetted gdb. 9 years ago
build-tarballs.sh Whether a linux tarball or kernel-headers tarball is used, built-tarballs must delete it properly. 6 years ago
config.sub Added support for building GCC deps into the target CC prefix. 9 years ago
extraconfig.sh Making sysroot default for tarballs. 6 years ago