stub and/or lightweight replacements of the gnu gettext suite; because the GNU one takes ages to compile
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Max Rees 0e62c25887 msgfmt: exit(1) if incorrectly used 2 years ago
StringEscape.c stringescape: add missing escape chars to escape() 3 years ago
StringEscape.h stringescape: correct break condition of unescape 3 years ago autopoint: add sanity check for 3 years ago
msgfmt.c msgfmt: exit(1) if incorrectly used 2 years ago
msgmerge.c msgmerge: avoid printing too long line 2 years ago
poparser.c poparser: not check overflow for msgid_plural 3 years ago
poparser.h poparser: default to non-strict mode 3 years ago xgettext: parse arguments correctly 3 years ago