the documented Franco writing system.
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#+title: Franco guideline draft
#+AUTHOR: saadnpq
#+date: 2019-05-18
a guideline for the Egyptian Franco writing system. there is an associated article [[./][here]] ([[./embrace-franco.pdf][pdf version]]) that describes the rationale behind this project.
** state of the project
** where i can find the specification itself?
** a fork for every dialect
this guideline is supposed to be general enough to fit all Arabic dialects, but it's written with Egyptian Arabic in mind and using Egyptian examples. cases that rarely appear in Egyptian Arabic may not be worked on, but i can imagine other dialects speakers forking this project to fit theirs.
** how to contribute
help is very much appreciated and needed. the only requirement is to be an Arabic speaker, even if you don't use Franco we need to know what issues in the system holding you from adopting it. you can send me an email with your thoughts at [[][]] - or contact me by any way mentioned [[][here]]. if you are familiar with git it's, of course, better to open an issue or a pull request in this repository.
** contributors
when you submit a pull request please add your name here. if you contributed in any other way i will put your name manually.
- [[][saadnpq]]
- ali nagib
- mahmoud hafez