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  • Worked as a Developer for about 15 years (Perl, .Net/C#, ...) in various positions. Now product owner for database services, coding just for fun.

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Android client for Gitea(, or your custom hosted server)

Updated 10 hours ago

Blog content and code

Updated 2 days ago

Codeberg documentation content

Updated 4 days ago

Build and deploy user-facing frontend (gitea)

Updated 2 weeks ago

Discussion of community- and platform-related issues

Updated 1 month ago

A curated list of FOSS, OSS, and/or Federated alternatives to proprietary software and services.

Updated 1 month ago

Ariane - an Android based OS Gemini Protocol browser

Updated 3 months ago

A new eBook format based on Gemini Protocol's Gemtext. Gempub can also serve as a Gemini capsule archive format.

Updated 4 months ago

Cget, like Wget, but for Gemini capsules

Updated 5 months ago