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include $(OUTDIR)/
include $(OUTDIR)/cppcache
gmni: $(gmni_objects)
@printf 'CCLD\t$@\n'
@$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $(gmni_objects) $(LIBS)
cgmnlm: $(cgmnlm_objects)
@printf 'CCLD\t$@\n'
@$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $(cgmnlm_objects) $(LIBS)
libgmni.a: $(libgmni.a_objects)
@printf 'AR\t$@\n'
@$(AR) -rcs $@ $(libgmni.a_objects)
doc/gmni.1: doc/gmni.scd
doc/cgmnlm.1: doc/cgmnlm.scd
@printf 'GEN\t$@\n'
@printf 'prefix=%s\n' "$(PREFIX)" > $@
@printf 'exec_prefix=$${prefix}\n' >> $@
@printf 'includedir=$${prefix}/include\n' >> $@
@printf 'libdir=$${prefix}/lib\n' >> $@
@printf 'Name: libgmni\n' >> $@
@printf 'Version: %s\n' "$(VERSION)" >> $@
@printf 'Description: The gmni client library\n' >> $@
@printf 'Requires: libbearssl\n' >> $@
@printf 'Cflags: -I$${includedir}/gmni\n' >> $@
@printf 'Libs: -L$${libdir} -lgmni\n' >> $@
.SUFFIXES: .c .o .scd .1
@printf 'CC\t$@\n'
@touch $(OUTDIR)/cppcache
@grep $< $(OUTDIR)/cppcache >/dev/null || \
$(CPP) $(CFLAGS) -MM -MT $@ $< >> $(OUTDIR)/cppcache
@$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $<
@printf 'SCDOC\t$@\n'
@$(SCDOC) < $< > $@
docs: doc/gmni.1 doc/cgmnlm.1
@rm -f gmni cgmnlm libgmni.a libgmni.pc doc/gmni.1 doc/cgmnlm.1 $(cgmnlm_objects) $(gmni_objects)
distclean: clean
@rm -rf "$(OUTDIR)"
install: all install_docs
mkdir -p $(BINDIR)
mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)
mkdir -p $(INCLUDEDIR)/gmni
mkdir -p $(LIBDIR)/pkgconfig
install -m755 gmni $(BINDIR)/gmni
install -m755 cgmnlm $(BINDIR)/cgmnlm
install -m755 libgmni.a $(LIBDIR)/libgmni.a
install -m644 include/gmni/gmni.h $(INCLUDEDIR)/gmni/gmni.h
install -m644 include/gmni/tofu.h $(INCLUDEDIR)/gmni/tofu.h
install -m644 include/gmni/url.h $(INCLUDEDIR)/gmni/url.h
install -m644 libgmni.pc $(LIBDIR)/pkgconfig/libgmni.pc
rm -f $(BINDIR)/gmni
rm -f $(BINDIR)/cgmnlm
rm -f $(LIBDIR)/libgmni.a
rm -rf $(INCLUDEDIR)/gmni
rm -f $(LIBDIR)/pkgconfig/libgmni.pc
rm -f $(MANDIR)/man1/gmni.1
rm -f $(MANDIR)/man1/cgmnlm.1
.PHONY: clean distclean docs install