gemini line mode browser - colorful & extended fork of
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cgmnlm - A colorful Gemini line mode client

This is a Gemini client. Included are:


  • Page history
  • Regex searches
  • Bookmarks
  • basic Client Certificate support (no autocreation of client certs currently)


  • no inlining of any link type
  • no caching of page content
  • no persistent history across sessions

Modifications compared to upstream

This project is of fork of

It includes the following modifications:

  • colored headings & links
  • default 4 char indenting
  • s command to directly search in geminispace (via
  • k command to remove the bookmark for the current page
  • u command to navigate 1 path element up
  • e[N] command to open a link or the current URI in default external program (requires xdg-open)
  • t[N] command to download the content behind a link or the current URI to a temporary file
  • T command line switch to automatically open files downloaded with t command (requires xdg-open)
  • a command and A command line switch to toggle between preformatted text and the associated alt text


The actual colors used depend on your terminal palette:

  • heading 1: light red
  • heading 2: light yellow
  • heading 3: light green
  • gemini link on same capsule: light cyan
  • gemini link to another capsule: dark cyan
  • non-gemini link: light magenta
  • preformatted text: light gray

Besides this rendering adjustments i'll try to keep track of upstream changes or send patches to upstream.


See gmni(1), cgmnlm(1).



$ mkdir build && cd build
$ ../configure
$ make
# make install


  • A POSIX-like system and a C11 compiler
  • BearSSL
  • scdoc (optional)