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Tobias Müller c80f4685a6
fix tailswind
2 months ago
admin move users in own file 2 years ago
assets also search in tracking urls #103 1 year ago
core improves filtering #97, adds authority stats #98 1 year ago
include fix tailswind 2 months ago
statistics fix tailswind 2 months ago
.htaccess add logging; fix bug in spam protection #79 2 years ago
help.php set web to default and change order #67 2 years ago
imprint.php beautifies code 2 years ago
index.php raccoon img optimized; hide img on mobile #68 2 years ago
package-lock.json change typeof search-by to array #76 2 years ago
statistics.php maintain context of supervisory authorities #104 1 year ago
supervisory-authority.php display number of unassigned complaints 1 year ago
tracker.php search in tracker name #103 1 year ago