A Blog Generated On Demand Just-In-Time... which are fancy words for a search engine that adapts to your needs, built with the power of community. https://wearebuildingthefuture.com
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FUTURE is a completely stand alone, open-source search engine that's focused on privacy and decentralization, so that any user can also self-host their own instance to contribute to a shared index of web pages accessible through any one of them. Given the small index that it currently has, it also works as a meta-search engine, mixing its own results with others from public Searx instances, to be capable of answering any request properly. Here is a small presentation that serves to show why FUTURE is different, better and how it accomplishes that.

The decentralization aspect of the search engine is a core feature as it allows anyone to expand the index and improve the service, while also increasing reliability by redundancy. Currently the main node is located at https://wearebuildingthefuture.com.

If you are planning to host your own instance, we strongly encourage you to consider using Uberspace as they offer an excellent service and instances for a fair price.




Documentation is available on-line at https://wearebuildingthefuture.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ and in the docs directory.


Below are listed all the projects upon which FUTURE rests.

Name License
Flask BSD 3-Clause
Werkzeug BSD 3-Clause
SymSpell MIT
Polyglot GPL v3
Beautifulsoup BSD 2-Clause
BSON Python bindings Apache 2.0
NumPy BSD 3-Clause
SciKit Learn BSD 3-Clause
Pandas BSD 3-Clause
Gensim LGPL 2.1
NLTK Apache 2.0
Scrapy BSD License
H5PY BSD 3-Clause
LMBD Python bindings OpenLDAP
tldextract BSD 3-Clause
WTForms BSD 3-Clause
Flask_wtf BSD 3-Clause
HNSWLib Apache 2.0
JQuery MIT
Particles JS MIT
Ionicons MIT
Source Sans Pro OFL 1.1
GloVe Apache 2.0
SPARQLWrapper W3C License
TextScrambler BSD-like

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