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Prometheus Yggdrasil Exporter

Exposes metrics data from Yggdrasil as a prometheus endpoint.

Has no external dependencies.


go build -o yggdrasil_exporter .


Specify the admin endpoint using the -e flag like so:

./yggdrasil_exporter -e unix:///var/run/yggdrasil.sock


You can see the metrics by just using curl

curl http://localhost:3000/metrics
yggdrasil_peer_bytes_sent{peer="200:28c9:944b:2376:2017:3250:bdb4:7c0d"} 6054
yggdrasil_peer_bytes_received{peer="200:28c9:944b:2376:2017:3250:bdb4:7c0d"} 4745