This is a collection of useful scripts.
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Useful Scripts Collection

A collection of useful scripts and commands doing various tasks:


comment - comment and uncomment lines in config files.

This command is can be used to comment out or uncomment specific lines in config files. Use --help switch for usage info. Currently it only supports hash (#) as comment character.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- - Downloads files from list in a file.

This script downloads files from URLs listed in files used as arguments to this script, or if there are no arguments used, from file called named "download.list" located in the current folder. URLs should be listed one at a line. If there is a word after an url in the same line, the downloaded file will be renamed to this word. It tries to download from different sites in parallel, but if files are from the same site, it waits about 5-20 seconds between each file, to avoid too much load on the server. The files are saved to "./downloads". If the file already exists, it is not downloaded again.


multissesion-optical-disc-file-search -- find file in all sessions of multisession cd/dvd.

This script should search the CD/DVD disk for a given filename and should display all session where the file or path named like this exists. It requires xorriso to be installed. The first argument is device or iso path, and second argument is filename pattern to match. The search pattern is similar to find, it accepts wildcards. The third argument is action to take (xorriso -find actions) and is optional. Example actions: get_md5, check_md5, estimate_size, getfacl... Those md5 options currently dont work, it seems that md5 checksum creating is not supported by most CD/DVD burning tools...
To stop the program, use Control + C. The CD/DVD has to be unmounted for this program to work.


ssh-unmount-portable-disk - unmounts portable disks or other media on remote host.

This script umounts portable disk or other media on remote host. It accepts one argument in the "user@host" form, or it uses $REMOTE_MOUNT_USER and $REMOTE_MOUNT_HOST variables. It can use zenity to display info, however it is not required.


vag-pack - elegant packager for vagrant virtual machines

This script does elegant packing of vagrant virtual machine. Just run in in the projects dir. It also packages files in doc subdirectory, and also packages with the machine the Vagrantfile used to create the box, for reference, and then it creates md5sum file of the archive...


Author: Radosław-RPS

This software is licensed under MIT (expat) License, see LICENSE file.