Quickly create mountpoint and mount sshfs.
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sshfs-mount - creates mountpoint and mounts sshfs.

This script creates mountpoint in $HOME/mnt and mounts choosen path on remote host using sshfs. The mountpoint usually contains user, host and representation of path on the remote host, so its possible to mount many folders from signle host.

This script should can be used with two arguments, which is user@host, and a remote path. Username and address can be alsso passed with $REMOTE_MOUNT_USER and $REMOTE_MOUNT_HOST variables. In that case the argument should be remote path to mount.

Normally, the name of directory contains path with slashes replaced by greater than sign (>). If the mounted remote path contains greater than sign, then the mountpoint is has only basename of remote path, with number between parenthesis () in the form "dirname_(1)", to avoid ambigous names+paths.

Author: Radosław-RPS

This software is licensed under MIT (expat) License, see LICENSE file.