Installer that installs programs in $HOME directory, and sets up firejail sandbox for them. Useful for browsers, appimages, etc. Supports installation of programs in tar.gz/bz2/xz, zip and appimage formats.
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Installs program from archive or appimage, or a directory, into
user's central folder for firejail sandboxed programs executed with
fireinvoke. This is ~/.programs by default in user's home. After
installation it creates launchers in ~/.local/bin for selected executable's.

It currently accepts files in the following formats:
tar with gzip, bzip and xz compression
zip, if unzip or p7zip is installed.

If used without options, it asks questions about installation
interactively. Otherwise commandline options can be used.

fireinvoke ( )
dialog (recommended)

You can use the script without installation, but if you want to install it for all users, do:

$ sudo ./


To read usage info, use "fire-install --help" command, or run fire-install without arguments.

To install program interactively use command:

$ fire-install filename

(filename can be file in foll