Hugo for my main website.
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Trying out Hugo, to evaluate how usable it is for my website.


Copyright © 2020, Julian Leyh <>

Licensed under the CC SA 4.0, see LICENSE.txt.

Usage of Docker for development

I use docker-compose for running Hugo locally and in production.

You should set the environment variable UID_GID before running the commands, like this:

export UID_GID="$(id -u):$(id -g)"

The productive nginx container is configured for use with the traefik reverse proxy. Please adjust the configuration for your needs. Also, the configuration requires an external docker network named traefik_proxy.


To build using Docker, run following command:

docker-compose run --rm build

You can add parameters, like this:

docker-compose run --rm build new posts/foobar.adoc

Development Server

To run the integrated server during development, run following command:

docker-compose up server

Simply press Ctrl+C to stop it again.

Nginx Server

To run the Nginx server, adjust the configuration for traefik and run following command:

docker-compose up -d nginx