Source code of my personal homepage blog. Static site generated using Cryogen.
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{:site-title ""
:author "Julian Leyh"
:hcard {:photo "/img/julian.jpg"
:given-name "Julian"
:additional-name "Ruwen"
:family-name "Leyh"
:nickname "Rommudoh"
:gender-identity "he/him/his"
:url ""
:locality "Bremen"
:country "Germany"
:email ""
:note "Software Developer"}
:social [{:icon "at"
:title "Email"
:url ""}
{:icon "mastodon"
:title "Mastodon"
:url ""}
{:icon "camera"
:title "Pixelfed"
:url ""}
{:icon "twitter"
:title "Twitter"
:url ""}
{:icon "github"
:title "GitHub"
:url ""}
{:icon "git"
:title "Codeberg"
:url ""}
{:icon "gitlab"
:title "GitLab"
:url ""}
{:icon "stack-overflow"
:title "Stack-Overflow"
:url ""}
{:icon "steam"
:title "Steam"
:url ""}
;; no Strava icon in Fork Awesome, yet :(
;; {:icon "strava"
;; :title "Strava"
;; :url ""}
{:icon "telegram"
:title "Telegram"
:url ""}]
:description "Just random stuff I want to share with the world."
:site-url ""
:post-root "posts"
:page-root "pages"
;; :post-root-uri "posts-output" ; if omitted, same as :post-root
;; :page-root-uri "pages-output" ; if omitted, same as :page-root
:tag-root-uri "tags"
;; :author-root-uri "authors" ; no need for author pages, so omit it
:public-dest "public"
:blog-prefix "" ; no prefix, please!
:rss-name "feed.xml"
;; :rss-filters ["cryogen"] ; no separate rss for tags, yet
:recent-posts 3
:post-date-format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss"
:archive-group-format "yyyy MMMM"
:sass-src []
:sass-path "sass"
:theme "cryndie"
:resources ["img" "favicon.png" "fonts"]
:keep-files [".git" ".gitkeep"]
:disqus? false
:disqus-shortname ""
:ignored-files [#"\.#.*" #".*\.swp$" #".*~$"]
:previews? true
:posts-per-page 5
:blocks-per-preview 2
:clean-urls :trailing-slash
:collapse-subdirs? false
:hide-future-posts? true
:klipse {}
:description-include-elements #{:p :h1 :h2 :h3 :h4 :h5 :h6}
:debug? false}