For those that don't want to use github, yet want to support Richard Stallman. This repo syncs with the main letter.
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This repository is made for those who wish to support Richard Stallman, yet (for ethical reasons) wish to stay away from github.

There is a script that automatically syncs this to the main support letter right here:

Please go to issue #1 and follow the instructions.

Note: If your message later on shows as NULL, that means you have to verify via your link to prove that the link is yours. If it's a website, I'll contact the owner of the website to check if the owner actually signed the letter.

To keep it simple for the syncing, please don't make new issues to sign the support letter, just do it via the first issue.

If you happen to visit this page but don't have/want to make a codeberg account, you can send a signed patch to to show your support :)

If you wish to retract your signature for any reason, please go to

If you have any questions, please stop by one of these rooms: IRC: #free-rms at XMPP: Coming Soon?

Thank you :)