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Updated 4 hours ago

Not-yet-federated open source social network inspired by VK. Mirror of

Updated 1 day ago

A Beautiful Gemini Client

Updated 2 days ago

tone indicator table website!

Updated 3 weeks ago

A Rust ecosystem for Revolt.

Updated 1 month ago

i18n-like text engine script thingy.

Updated 2 months ago

[OUTDATED] dotfiles hell yeah

Updated 3 months ago

XKCD comic info getter Python module

Updated 3 months ago

A cross-platform Gemini browser

Updated 3 months ago

Discord bot for game server management

Updated 3 months ago

dumb scripts for specific purposes

Updated 4 months ago

a pretty simple brainfuck interpreter i made out of boredom :p

Updated 5 months ago

Паша, мы всё проебали. Таймлайн событий рунета. Форк simple-timeline-generator.

Updated 5 months ago

FDL website

Updated 5 months ago

FDL project metarepository

Updated 5 months ago