[OUTDATED] dotfiles hell yeah
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calamity's dotfiles

this repository is to be used with a BLANK system (like archlinux right after you set it up and you're in the TTY). that includes installing git, nvidia drivers and adding kms. and the ethernet connection, ofc.

here's the complete thing on setting it up:

cd ~
alias dotfiles='git --git-dir=$HOME/.dotfiles/ --work-tree=$HOME'
git clone --bare https://codeberg.org/calamity/dotfiles $HOME/.dotfiles
dotfiles checkout
# if something breaks on checkout - follow the guide in the link at the bottom
dotfiles config --local status.showUntrackedFiles no
  • the dotfiles alias you use to interact with the dotfiles repo
  • then you bare-clone into ~/.dotfiles
  • then you pull the files with checkout
  • and ignore the untracked files
  • and then you install and compile everything else (doesn't include apps like firefox/telegram/webcord/pcmanqt, and the rest, only the ones you need to get a graphic interface up with all of the configurations)

don't forget to create ssh/gpg keypairs!!
also i didn't test the install file, so it might go wrong, who knows?

repo was set up using this tutorial, so follow some stuff from there, i guess, if you have problems.