alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy
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A free and open source alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy. Inspired by the Nitter project.

  • No JavaScript or ads
  • All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Reddit
  • Prevents Reddit from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
  • Unofficial API (RSS & JSON support, no rate limits or Reddit account required)
  • Lightweight (teddit frontpage: ~30 HTTP requests with ~270 KB of data downloaded vs. Reddit frontpage: ~190 requests with ~24 MB)
  • Self-hostable. Anyone can setup an instance. An instance can either use Reddit's API with or without OAuth (so Reddit API key is not necessarily needed).

Join the teddit discussion room on Matrix:

XMR: 832ogRwuoSs2JGYg7wJTqshidK7dErgNdfpenQ9dzMghNXQTJRby1xGbqC3gW3GAifRM9E84J91VdMZRjoSJ32nkAZnaCEj

Instances - Official instance

Community instances:


  • User trophies
  • "other discussions" feature
  • "Open on reddit" links
  • ... and lot of other small stuff


  • HLS video streaming? (Would require browser JavaScript)
  • User login, so people can use their Reddit account through teddit to comment and up/downvote posts etc.





Using Docker and docker-compose:

docker-compose build
docker-compose up

Teddit should now be running at http://localhost:8080.


  1. Install Node.js.

  2. (Optional) Install redis-server.

    Highly recommended – it works as a cache for Reddit API calls.

  3. (Optional) Install ffmpeg.

    It's needed if you want to support videos.

    # Linux
    apt install redis-server ffmpeg
    # macOS
    brew install redis
  4. Clone and set up the repository.

    git clone
    cd teddit
    npm install --no-optional
    cp config.js.template config.js # edit the file to suit your environment
    npm start

Teddit should now be running at http://localhost:8080.